St Andrews Alumni Club of Toronto Dinner Event

On Saturday, 19 March 2011, the St Andrews Alumni Club of Toronto hosted a formal dinner in honour of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of St Andrews, Louise Richardson, in celebration of the 600th anniversary of the university.

As a member of the event planning committee, I volunteered to take care of online ticketing for the event as my major  contribution. My responsibilities included liaising with project coordinators at Ticketbreak, setting up an account, and monitoring ticket sales for the event. I printed reports of the ticket sales for the organizers in St Andrews and our own committee.

Another opportunity I had to experience the inner workings of planning an event occurred when the president of our club, Doug Gibson, arranged a meeting with the Catering Manager of the Royal York Hotel, in whose Imperial Room our dinner took place. We discussed tables, preparation times, set-up of the bar, music, the slide show, the menu, and other administrative minutiae that make an event like this possible.

At the event itself, I received guests, helped them orientate themselves and find their name tags. We had approximately 85 attendees for the dinner, which was a little more than we had expected.

The event went very well, and I heard lots of positive feedback after the dinner.


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