Hart House Library: Rare Book Notes and a Quasi-Facsimile

Below I have copied an example of the work I do to identify a book before we determine whether or not it is rare or valuable. This one was long, but fun. A few notes: the bold letters are in blackletter, or gothic typeface. The handwritten note, which unfortunately I had difficulty reading, was the most exciting part of working on this book. There are only a couple of places where it appears that a letter ‘l’ has not been printed, in the long quote at the bottom of the facsimile.

Hart House Library Rare Books Inventory:

Nova Britannia; or Our New Canadian Dominion Foreshadowed.

Covers are dark green; cloth; front is engraved with art nouveau design.
Title and author information written in gold on front cover, and on spine.
Inside front cover: “From the Library of Hart House” bookplate; a gift from donor unknown, as printed on label.

Paper is thick; on some pages the print is raised
Endpapers are yellowed with age

Front Free Endpaper (recto, first leaf)
Top, handwritten in pencil: 4809 | L 75 – 240 | $30.00
Some pencil markings have been erased
Handwritten in ink: “I. [T.] [S… …] | with regards of | D[…] J[uonis] | 18 Feb/85”

Title Page Facsimile:
NOVA BRITANNIA ; | OR, | OUR NEW CANADIAN DOMINION | FORESHADOWED. | BEING A SERIES OF | Lectures, Speeches and Addresses | BY | THE HON. ALEXANDER MORRIS, P.C., D.C.L., | Late Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba, the North-West Territories and Keewatin. | Edited, with Notes and an Introduction, | BY A MEMBER OF THE CANADIAN PRESS. | _______________ | “There is another little book, to which I must refer.  It is a pamphlet, which | met with an extraordinary degree of success, entitled Nova Britannia, by my hon- | ourable friend the Member for South Lanark : and as he has been one of the princi- | pal agents in bringing into existence the present Government, which is now carry- | ing out the idea embodied in this book, I trust he will forgive me if I take the op- | portunity, although he is present, of reading a single sentence to show how far he | was in advance, and how true he was to the coming event, which we are now | considering.  At page 57 of this pamphlet [pp. 48, 49 of the present volume] – which I | hope wi l be reprinted among the political miscellanies of the Provinces when we are | one country and one peop e- I find this paragraph :-‘The dealing with the destinies | of a future Britannic empire, the shaping of its course, the laying its foundations broad | and deep, and in the erecting thereon a noble and enduring superstructure, are indeed | duties that may well evoke the energies of our people, and nerve the arms and give | power and enthusiasm to the aspirations of all true patriots.  The very magnitude | of the interests involved will, I doubt not, elevate many among us above the de- | mands of sectionalism, and enable them to evince sufficient comprehensiveness of | mind to deal int he spirit of real statesmen with issues so momentous, and to origi- | nate and develop a national line of commercial and general policy, such as will prove | adapted to the wants and exigencies of our position.’  There are many other excel- | lent passages in the work, but the spirit that animates the whole will be seen from | the extract I have read.” –Speech of the Hon. Thomas D’Arcy McGee, in the Ca- | nadian Assembly, February 9th, 1865. | Toronto : | PUBLISHED BY HUNTER, ROSE & CO. | 1884.

Other Notes:
Contains an Author’s Preface, by “ALEXANDER MORRIS,” and dated Toronto, January, 1884.
Contains an Editor’s Introduction
Book is stiff, feels new


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