Initiate Operation: Plan iStudent Conference

Today I had my second meeting concerning the iSchool Student Conference 2012. At the first meeting a few weeks ago, I met one of the organizers of this year’s conference to get insight into what the key aspects were, to get a general timeline, and to learn who I should speak to about what aspect of the planning process.

At today’s meeting, I met with my co-chair, a fellow iSchool student in the Museum Studies program. I had already sent her my notes from the first meeting I had, so we went over the most immediate tasks to complete.

1. Theme. We have settled (not in stone) on our theme, which I will not reveal just yet, since we have not gone official or public with any of it yet.

2. Advisers. In each of our departments, there is a faculty member who we have decided to ask for help. We hope to ask one for moral support and advice on approaching the Dean, his opinion on our theme, and any suggestions he might have. The other, who works in the field we are targeting with our theme, will likely have ideas about potential keynote speakers and funding opportunities. If all goes well, we will have meetings with each of these advisers next week.

3. Research. We have tasked ourselves with researching the theme, the field, and potential keynote speakers over the next couple of weeks.

I am extremely excited to be organizing this, and every day my interest and eagerness grows. To be honest, I never thought I would be interested in creating something this big! I am also very, very glad that we have a year to plan.


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