Processing Books and Planning Events

Hart House Library Open House

Once again, I find myself on a small committee planning an event.* This time, I’m helping to plan an open house at Hart House Library, to take place in May. There are three of us on the committee, and although we originally thought we were only putting together promotional materials for the event, we have recently come to understand that we are in charge of planning the event itself. We’re short on time, but are working to come up with a reasonably casual-but-entertaining day, and are currently figuring out what sort of “activities” that might entail. For instance, do we want refreshments? Do we want a speaker? To show a movie? How simple or “event-full” should the open house be?

At our second meeting this afternoon, we discussed everything, including the tasks that still need completion, and sketched out a rough idea of when each thing should be done. We’ve divvied up some of the different responsibilities, such as planning for and figuring out catering and promotions designs. The key to getting everything done is making a decision about what we want to include on the day. Once we have that, then we can move quickly forward with the logistical tasks.

Processing New Acquisitions

I spent a lot of productive hours at Hart House today. First thing in the morning, I met a fellow volunteer there, got the key for our booked room, and set up the materials for processing the newest acquisitions. We attached the spine labels and label protectors, stuck each book with a security tag, stamped it as Hart House Property (“not to be removed from library”), and then learned how to give each dust jacket a cover. The last was pretty complicated, but I’m happy to say that as we practiced, our dust jackets and covers looked less wiggly each time. We worked for about three hours, and got through most of the books, before I had to leave for my other meeting, which is described above.

My other project at Hart House Library, to weed and catalog un-labeled and previously un-cataloged books, is moving forward again. Now that I know all about the book processing, err … process, I have asked for help from other volunteers to continue with these books. Next week I will send spine label information to the curator, who will print labels for us, and then when we’ve booked another room, we’ll do another run of book processing and shelving.

* This appears to be a growing trend in my extracurricular activities. (See St Andrews Alumni Club post).


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