Open House Results

For the past several weeks, I’ve been on the promotions/organizations committee for an open house at Hart House Library. Our team of three did great work, and the result was that we had several groups of visitors, some who saw the flyers and signs posted outside the Hart House doors and discovered for the first time that the library exists! Other visitors included professional librarians from around Toronto, including Scotiabank and Robarts. The library looked beautiful with its new signage, dusted and tidied shelves. I had the opportunity to speak briefly about my ongoing rare books project to a group of librarians in the afternoon.

The successful open house was followed by a brief presentation by Doug Gibson, in which he tells stories about working with Canadian authors. We included this even in hopes of drawing more people to the open house. Unfortunately, the presentation was only attended by a handful of people, which was quite disappointing. However, the performance itself was very entertaining.

During the promotions and organization process, I’ve learned a few more things about communication and expectations, as well as promoting events. A very instructive learning experience, to be sure. And satisfying, to know that the open house achieved the attendance and interest that it did.


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