Thick Plottens: iStudent Conference 2012

A lot has been discussed, and has even happened, since my last post about the student conference I’m organizing with Rachel Meloche. We have had several conference calls, since we are currently on opposite sides of the country*, and which have helped enormously to achieve what we have.

We have decided to call our conference the 2012 iStudent Conference: Collaboration, Convergence, and Communities. We also have a mission statement, a vision statement, goals, an in-progress wiki, a Twitter account, and an official email. It’s all very exciting. We have narrowed down our keynote invitees to one, and have planned the basic steps and wording in sending our invitation.  Finally, we are currently focusing on budget and funding.

Although we have a few ideas for external funding sources, it became necessary to start with internal sources, such as the student council and alumni association for our faculty. This week, I’ve made requests of both. Yesterday evening, I attended the monthly MISC (student council) meeting in order to tell the councilors who I was, what I represented, what I was asking for, and why. I enjoyed this experience. I answered one question about our keynote, and the president put forward the motion, it was seconded, and unanimously approved with lots of enthusiasm.

I have learned, in this week-long mad dash to request funding, where exactly funding falls in the list of priorities when planning something like this. Next time, budget and funding would be something I pin down, define, and organize prior to, or at least while simultaneously, researching the keynote. I think it would help to be just a little bit more prepared.

Next up: the budget and keynote invitation.

*This is my first experience using conference calls, computer-to-computer, for a professional purpose. It is incredibly convenient. I love technology!


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