Secretary, Hart House Literary and Library Committee

It is always gratifying and satisfying to be asked by an organization to continue to work with them, in an added capacity. It generally has the potential to add stress to one’s life, but it is certainly nice to have one’s work ethic, experience, and past efforts validated in such a way. In short, it adds up to a vote of confidence in one’s abilities.

I have just been asked to step into the position of Secretary of Hart House’s Literary and Library Committee. It will be my first committee position, but not my first secretarial position (thank you, university Italian Society). Nor will it be my first experience with secretarial duties such as agendas, minutes, working in a team, and including budget work. I foresee it enforcing better time management skills, as well as being great experience in preparation for my future career. I also anticipate having very little “free time” this year, less than in any past year, whether at an academic institution or not. I’m pretty sure this is one of those challenges my dad used to call “character-building.”

I look forward to taking on this responsibility, working with my peers on a committee, and learning more about this kind of work, which all begins with recruitment events next week.


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