What the Wall Street Journal has to say about unemployment rates for LIS graduates

I just found this study on unemployment rates for how “various college majors fare in the job market, based on 2010 Census data” (WSJ)*. I have included the sections most relevant for LIS students and graduates:

(Column 1: Degree Name; Column 2: Unemployment Rate; Column 3: 25th% Earnings; Column 4: Median Earnings; Column 5: 75th% Earnings; Column 6: Popularity)**

WSJ Unemployment Chart for Information and Library Science graduate degrees

The future looks much rosier for Information Science students than for Library Science students. First: I am glad that I am earning a Master of Information, and Second: I am definitely going to market myself that way.

Some Questions:

1. What is meant by “Library Science” degrees vs. “Information Science” degrees? It looks as though the former category is/mostly consists of library technician degrees, but is that the case?

2. What do the popularity numbers mean?

Answer: The degree programs are numbered in order, according to popularity within the list. They do not appear to be percentages. This also means that the higher numbers correspond to the more popular degrees.

3. What are the comparative numbers for Canada?

*See this link for the full table

**The formatting defeated me. Click on the table for a larger version.


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