Archival Standards and Procedures

At my archival practicum this week, I spent most of my shift doing research.

The main resource I used is called AABC Archivist’s Toolkit, which has been incredibly helpful as I try to locate information on the foundations of archival practice. It led me to a couple of sources that I investigated in more detail:

  • An “Archives Tutorial” from the Alberta Society of Archivists, which provided a very easy-to-understand overview of the main functions, principles, and practices of archival institutions.
  • A few links at the Library of Congress, clustered under the heading “Best Practices & Standards”.
  • I briefly made a foray into controlled vocabularies at the Library of Congress site, but found nothing really relevant to my current research.
  • The Manual for Small Archives, what I expect will be an excellent resource for learning the basics about archiving practices for a small corporate archive.

So far, I have been really enjoying studying and researching common standards and principles in archival practices.


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