A Class Project Exhibition

The context: During the last week of term, my instructor for our Management of Corporate and Other Special Libraries practicum course engineered a class exhibition of our projects. Each student was required to create some kind of visual presentation, whether a poster, a computer display, or other format.

The setting: An evening event with refreshments.

The actors: All students in the course, who completed a practicum project.

The audience: Information professionals, and all supervisors of the projects were invited to attend and to view and listen to student presentations about their projects.

The synopsis: This was the venue for me to present my digital archival cataloguing project. I created a poster that represented several screens in CollectiveAccess that I used when developing the program to support the Sanofi Pasteur Sites and Knowledge Network’s archival collections. It also included the main points about the project, such as a description, goals, problems, and outcomes of the project.

The review: I enjoyed talking to visitors about my project, but my favorite part was when I walked around and read other students posters and listened to them talk about their own projects, many of which were incredibly interesting, and a few which had strong correlations and similarities to my own project. It was fascinating to learn what obstacles other students had had in their project, and how they had worked around them in order to complete the project with positive results.


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