My Interview as a New Information Professional

One of the best things about information, or library, school, was the amazing group of colleagues with whom I worked. I learned more from them than I think I did from any of my courses, which is saying quite a bit. I definitely appreciate the supportive network of which I’m now a part. And I know they feel the same way.

As an example, over at Libraries, Books, and Words, one of my colleagues has determined to show off her colleagues’ talents, passion for, and dedication to the field. She’s got a nifty series over there, which she calls “snapshots” of, well, us. And I’m so pleased to be a part of it. She’s published an interview with me about being a new information professional. It provides a little more insight into why I went to information school, and serves as a personal reminder for the advantages I gained in going back to school. These days, that’s not always a no-brainer. Watch out for repeats of the Puppets video and Rupert Giles!

See it here: Meet a New Information Professional!


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