Expanding career potential: strategies for information professionals

In this second post that reflects on the “Expand your career potential” seminar/webinar hosted by DC/SLA and presented by Deb Hunt and David Grossman, I describe the basic career-planning strategy I learned from this presentation.

The second half of the presentation was the most helpful and inspiring, in my opinion. Before the presentation, participants were given four worksheet handouts with the skills I listed in my previous post, and more. Each worksheet covered (in order) the topics below:

  1. Current skills assessment
  2. Skills I want to acquire
  3. How I will acquire these skills
  4. Phrasing what I do to show value

In my next post I’ll provide my responses to these worksheets, but in this one I want to reflect on how useful they are in general. They demonstrated the truly valuable skills in information professions in the 21st century, which are often skills learned outside the traditional LIS education. They answered the question, “How do/can I distinguish myself from other LIS graduates?”

Asking myself these questions, in the order presented by the worksheets, really simplified for me the mess of brainstorming I’ve been doing recently about where I want to go in my career, and how to get there. The questions highlight the necessity of working independently towards individual professional (i.e., career) goals, but more importantly, they provide a framework and strategy to apply to following my dreams.

For anyone interested, the second webinar in this series is “Reach your maximum career potential” on March 20th. Viewing in-person and online.


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