Expanding my career potential in digital stewardship

As the last post in this series on expanding career potential, I’m going to get personal, sharing my own responses to the worksheets and questions asked in the DC/SLA webinar I recently attended.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been fine-tuning my career plans. I have:

  • An abiding love of history and cultural heritage
  • An interest in emerging technologies
  • Experience in project management and volunteer supervision
  • A dedication to preserving our history and heritage for future generations

This reflection led me to conclude that I want to work with and develop digital preservation strategies and projects.

Many of the “21st Century Skills” for information professionals are also key skills for digital stewardship, which I’ve learned about by reading job descriptions for digitization, digital preservation, stewardship, special collections, and related jobs, as well as articles about digital stewardship and preservation.

The following are my responses to each of the worksheets mentioned in the first post of this series.

Current skills assessment

  • Cataloging (competent)
  • Communications (competent)
  • Digital asset management (novice)
  • Digitization (novice)
  • Effective writing (expert)
  • Financial/budget management (competent)
  • Meeting and event planning (expert)
  • Metadata (competent)
  • Public speaking and presentations (competent)
  • People management/supervisory skills (competent)
  • Quantifying and projecting value (competent)
  • Research and analysis (expert)
  • Programming/coding (novice)
  • Project management (competent)
  • Taxonomy (novice)
  • Volunteer recruiting and management (competent)
  • Web 2.0/social networking (expert)
  • Web site design (competent)

Personal road map/Skills I want to acquire and enhance

  • 21st century cataloging
  • Communications
  • Develop strategic planning/policies
  • Digital asset management
  • Digitization
  • Finding aids/pathfinders
  • Knowledge management/services
  • Public speaking and presentations
  • Quantifying and projecting value
  • Results-driven problem solving
  • Taxonomy
  • Programming/coding

Personal road map/How I will acquire and enhance these skills

  • 21st century cataloging: Take online courses, read, and blog
  • Communications: Practice, find opportunities to write and speak (blog, submit articles, proposals for presentations and posters)
  • Digital asset management: Read, build skills through volunteering
  • Digitization: Volunteer
  • Public speaking and presentations: Find opportunities to present posters and papers at conferences, symposiums, and at work
  • Programming/coding: Learn using online programs, practice, develop projects
  • Quantifying and projecting value: Practice: at work, track & record progress; present to supervisors & decision-makers.
  • Others: Read, write, blog, attend webinars, take classes, and volunteer for opportunities on and off the job.

For anyone interested, the second webinar in this series is “Reach your maximum career potential” on March 20th. Viewing in-person and online.


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