Making connections within the international community

ImageFor the past week or two, I have been diligently researching and writing a digital preservation policy for the DC/SLA. By now, I have a much better idea of common elements in digital preservation policies, and a better understanding of all the pieces. While I will post about my latest experiences with this project soon, this week I want to take a break and share a different experience.

I have always an international mindset, and I enjoy connecting with and learning from information professionals in other countries and regions from around the world. Stepping outside my own cultural and professional sphere has so many professional and personal benefits, and I find that I learn a lot from people with different perspectives and backgrounds.

Recently, I connected on Twitter with a group of students and new professionals in Ireland, who write a blog (New Professionals Day Ireland) that helps library and information students and new professionals to build their networks and share experiences. They graciously allowed me to share my experiences as a library student and professional.

Read my story at New Professionals Day Ireland. While you’re there, check out some of the other stories written by new information professionals.


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