I believe that preserving and sharing our knowledge for following generations is a critical part of protecting our future. I also believe that clear communication and understanding create the best environments for innovative and accurate design that balances users’ needs with stakeholders’ goals. I am passionate about:

  • connecting users with the information they need
  • organizing information clearly for targeted audiences
  • preserving cultural, historical, and digital information
  • communicating well
  • leading and motivating

Over the past few years, my career path has taken a direction I didn’t expect, but which suits me very well. As an information architect, I love designing and creating resources for digital collections and knowledge sharing that are usable, valuable, and meet our audiences’ needs as well as our stakeholders’ goals.

These are my learning experiences, thoughts, ideas, and designs.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, I just discovered you blog and can’t wait to peruse it. I’m taking Museums and Libraries as Cultural Heritage Institutions this semester as part of my MLIS, so this is a great find.

    • Hello there! Always happy to connect with people who have similar interests. Never having had the opportunity to formally educate myself in cultural heritage institutions, I look forward to learning more about them from your perspective. Good luck in your program!

      • Thanks! I graduate in December and can’t wait to get on the job in a library. I’ve been making review posts in my blog of some of the resources and readings I have to do for class each week, so feel free to look them over, and I’m posting my assignments there too which are reviews of the museums I visited and an upcoming paper.

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