Collections Management

Hart House Acquisitions Project Proposal 2012 (14 March 2012)

This proposal was written for a collection development project, which was completed with the help of two student librarians. This plan contains the objective, goals, current state of the collection, and search criteria. It also includes resources used in the process, a list of selected books and justifications for each, and a budget and cost out for selected books

Project Report: A Digital Archival Catalog for the Sites and Knowledge Network at Sanofi Pasteur  (April 2012)

Upon completion of a practicum project, this report reflected on the work plan; on the obstacles, solutions, and outcomes of the project; and on the personal learning experiences gained while completing the project.

Digital Archival Catalog Work Plan (4 February 2012)

This work plan describes the key tasks, objectives, goals, possible obstacles, timeline, knowledge needed, and resources involved in the completion of an archival project completed at the Sites and Knowledge Network at Sanofi Pasteur. The project focused on development of a digital archival collections management and cataloging system.


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